Resources for Families

Academie en ligne: a new service from the CNED that provide free curriculum from CP to CM2
TV5 Jeunesse: online French games + French TV
Cahier de Vacances : Summer methods
L'envolerie: activities for small children activities, games
Pepit: great activities for all levels in French
L'internaute Junior: great for older kids
Je dessine: drawing activities, videos, songs
Je progresse: online educational french toys store
Chez Lorry: drawing activities for children in French
Le Conjugueur: all about French congugaison , also a Mac Application, and Android)
Android Market: : French Android Application
Chansons pour les FLE: French exercices through Contempory French songs
Ressources Dicdatiques sur Internet: Incredible resources about the Francophonie
Le CNED: academie en ligne, cours gratuits
Le Kanetix: A Beginner\'s Guide to French
Learn French Youtube : Learn French on Youtube (cartoons)
Bonne nuit les petits : 10 episodes

The Benefits of Learning a Second Language

The Bilingual Advantage
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Regarding World Language Education
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Benefits of Learning a Second Language

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No Child Left Monolingual: Kim Potowski at TEDxUofIChicago

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